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Surety for every size, stage and project scope.

We write surety bonds for small and emerging contractors, with an emphasis on constructive guidance to grow the business. There is nothing more gratifying in the surety business than the opportunity to support an emerging contractor and provide that first bond for $150,000. Then, to grow with them through thick and thin until 20 years later, the same company has successfully matured and requests support for a $25 million project.

Our expertise crosses several industry sectors—bridges, building and trades, communication, energy, marine, pipeline, roads, treatment plants, transportation, water, and sewer. And we fully understand that one underwriting criterion will not cover the wide range of construction projects. So, we focus on your business and your projects. We focus on what makes these unique, and what is required to help you succeed. This is where crafting the right solution really begins. We work closely with your business to understand what makes it special and differentiates it from your competitors.

We support a broad range of construction disciplines, including:

  • General builders
  • Demolition contractors, including support for lead paint and asbestos
  • Trade and artisan subcontractors
  • General engineering
  • Excavation, site and utility contractors
  • Highway, road and bridge contractors
  • Marine contractors
  • Federal 8A and other government programs
  • Performance bonds for the service sector, including refuse and janitorial companies

A good surety underwriter adds value.

Construction is heralded as an industry for entrepreneurs. People with the vision and courage to take concept to reality. Risk takers who manage large sums for seemingly small returns. What happens when things don’t go as planned? What should you expect of your surety company?

This is where the proverbial “rubber meets the road” comes in—getting surety credit when things are optimal is one thing, but keeping credit when things have soured is an entirely different scenario. This is when you need access to decision makers and the ability to review options one on one with key people.

This is the real test as to how well your underwriter understands your construction segment and how well they know your business, competencies and people. Ultimately, the outcome will hinge on how well the surety underwriter understands risk, as opposed to ratios. This is a test that we, at Frankenmuth Surety, are ready and prepared to address.